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Fabrizio Gregori kolbe

To get out of it, don’t get out!” a book by Fabrizio Kolbe Gregori

This book, it is not a vademecum, it is not an instruction manual or a guide. Mine is an outlet, a cry of pain mixed with anger, behind which lies an exhortation, perhaps expressed in an unorthodox, but certainly sincere way. After being overwhelmed by the storm, or rather, by the storm of discordant information and opinions offered to us by scientists and experts of all sorts and genres, we Italians have understood something. The only precaution that can really stop the mad rush of this epidemic is quarantine, social isolation. Someone, however, seems not to have received the message. So it is good to reiterate that, #sevuoiuscirnenonuscire.

This book is not a vade mecum, nor a handbook or a guidebook. Mine is an outburst, a cry of pain and anger, behind which hides an exhortation, expressed perhaps in an unorthodox, but truly sincere way. After being overwhelmed by a storm, or rather, a blizzard of information and discordant opinions offered by any sort and kind of scientists and experts, after all that there’s one thing we Italians have surely learned. The only precaution that can really stop this epidemic’s foolish run is quarantine, social isolation. But still, there is somebody who hasn’t got the message. So I think it’s better to restate that to #getoutit,don’tgetout.

A book produced by the Cavinato Editore International. Publishing House on an absolutely topical issue in the English version, version dedicated to Anglo-Saxon countries.

To buy this book in the paper version or in the E-book click on the following link:         

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